Rollexco Feuerschutz und Sicherheitstechnik Ag.
 Adresse:H-4024 . Debrecen, Piac u. 56. Fsz.1.
Tel: +36 (06) 52 410 - 736
Fax: +36 (06) 52 410 - 736

H-4100. Berettyóújfalu, Széchenyi u. 65.
Tel: +36 (06) 54 401 - 010
Fax: +36 (06) 54 401 - 010
The ROLLEXCO Fire Fichting and Safety Technics Corporation in Hungarian private ownership has been based on the nearly twenty year old manufacturing and market background of Cyklon-Berstahl Kft. - earlier ELZETT - in Berettyóújfalu.. The company has been working with a new owners' and organizational structure after privatisation since 10th March 1997. Extinguisher manufacturing started Berettyóújfaluban on 20th August 1975. The company supplied the Hungarian market after that. As a result of this the major part of the extinguishers in commercial circulation in Hungary was made in this factory. All that means a considerable market segment.
The main activity of the company: Manufacturing and distribution of extinguishers

The ROLLEXCO Rt. manufactures extinguishers met the Eurpoean standards (MSZ EN-3) ( 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 50 kg powder extinguishers, as well as CO2 extinguishers) that have European (CE) and fire fighting conformity certificate, distribution permit, and approval of the electric authority, according to which the extinguishers can extinguish fires of electric appliances under tension (max. 60.000 Volt). Our comapny also has the qualifitaion of "suitable for supplying NATO".

The extinguishers manufactured by Rollexco Rt. are repaired and servicing through an own national service center network, which is made up of 105 contractual repairing companies. So in any 30 km area of Hungary our company has one contractual service at least. In addition to the main activities, the manufacturing capacity of the company is suitable to manufacture products according to our customers' demand, if requested with the help of our developers' team.
Branche:Hersteller, Großhandel, Dienstleister
Tätigkeit:feuerlöscher, Sicherheitstechnik
Produkt:Feuerlöscher, Löschspray
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